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Tilting – B1200/ 22 44

A large working centre, available with 22 or 44kW electric motor and with an optional 6th axis (lathe). The tilting head allows the most elaborate machining operations to be carried out without repositioning the piece, saving time and guaranteeing absolute precision. The large work table and the extensive Z axis stroke make it possible to create highly complex pieces of a considerable size. The head is also able to manage a large sized cutting disk automatically.

e B1200/ 22 44 TECHNICAL DATA

  • Stroke of X axis 4.200 mm / 165”
  • Stroke of Y axis 4.600 mm ÷ 5.400 mm / 181” ÷ 213”
  • Stroke of Z axis 1.200 mm / 47”
  • Rotation of C axis (for 4th axis) 360°
  • Rotation of B axis (for 5th axis) 0-180°
  • Rotation of A axis (for 6th lathe axis) 360°
  • Spindle power 22kW 30Hp / 44kW 60Hp

* Technical information and illustrations are indicative. The manufacturer reserves the right to alter them without notice, even while the order is in progress.

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